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Jennifer Lesser 


Professional Overview

Based in the United States, Jenny Lesser is a former psychologist and seasoned business professional passionate about the intersection of creativity and strategy.

Jenny’s passion has always been about merging her right brain/left brain mentality and working to find the best ways to stay productive while still enjoying the moment to moment. With a keen interest in business strategy and the interplay between strategic thinking and creative goal-setting, Jenny has long been interested in how company culture can affect the culture as a whole. “Fostering our creativity is instrumental in helping our productivity, and the recent research on the powerful effects of things like travel and exercise, and how they help us in our professional and personal lives is something I’m passionate about exploring.”

Jenny’s love for travel is self-evident, and she’s a strong advocate for the importance of getting out, exploring, and expanding one’s horizons. Wanting to take what she’s learned – the tips and tricks of the trade – and share it with the world, Jenny has taken to blogging to share some helpful insights into how to travel well.

Jenny Lesser’s love of art ranges from her appreciation of beauty, and her strong belief in the intrinsic wonder and goodness that exists in the world. “It’s that sort of joy I try to bring with me to my professional life every day,” Jenny Lesser continues. “When we learn to bring a sense of creativity and big-picture thinking to our work, we can really help to foster excellence in not only ourselves but the people around us.”

In her spare time, Jenny Lesser enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She’s also an avid traveler and enjoys expanding her horizons by seeing new places and meeting new faces. An avid reader, Jenny enjoys everything from books on travel, business, psychology, and the lifestyle.

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