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This article will go through the steps to being an effective communicator. You will become a more successful communicator and collaborate with others effectively with these skills. Everyone wants to know how to communicate better, but not everyone knows where to start.


How to Be An Effective Communicator

  1. Appreciate the need for communication
    The first step is to understand the need for communication. Communication is one of the greatest factors in building relationships, and as such, people who can effectively communicate with others learn how to build stronger relationships.


  1. Start the conversation by getting their attention
    Start by getting their attention. Find an easy way to strike up a conversation that will get their attention right away, then gradually move on to more important subject matters.


  1. Keep them interested by asking questions
    When you have their attention, keep them interested by asking questions directly about the topic at hand and make sure you actively listen and understand what they are saying.


  1. Pace Yourself
    If you are too slow, you may not be able to keep the conversation going. If you are too fast, you may be annoying your companion, and they will not want to continue the conversation with you.


  1. Speak Clearly
    It is an important step as you do not want to be misunderstood. It would be best if you spoke in a language that everyone can comprehend and avoid using words that are too long and difficult to pronounce.


  1. Have patience when listening
    The sixth step is to have patience when listening to the other person and speaking to yourself. You do not want to interrupt the other person because it can be very rude. If they pause and don’t start a sentence soon, you should wait and not jump in.


  1. Show interest in the conversation
    During the conversation, one of the most important things is to show your interest in what the other person has to say by listening closely and showing facial expressions that show you are following what they are saying. It will keep them interested and have them want to hear more from you.


  1. Thank them
    Once the conversation is over, you should say thank you to those that we can communicate with you. This simple act shows the other person how much you appreciate the opportunity to talk with them and helps build good relationships.