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The harsh reality facing most small businesses is that the vast majority of them will fail. Some of that is simply a crowded marketplace. But it also can be chalked up to business owners who make common mistakes that submarine the business.

So, what are some of the most common mistakes that small business owners make? How can they avoid falling into those traps? Here is what small business owners should avoid doing.

Having an Incomplete Business Plan

It would likely surprise you just how many small businesses fail because they don’t have a complete business plan. They don’t know much more than the type of service or product that they want to offer and that just won’t work.

You need to know how to fund the business. What is the plan for marketing? Will you be online only or in a physical location, too? There are a hundred more questions that the business plan will have an answer for.

Rapid Expansion

While the saying in business is “if you aren’t growing, you’re dying” that is a fine line to walk. More than a few businesses, even those with a great product or service, managed to expand themselves right out of business.

The simple fact is that expanding too quickly can create major operational issues. Growing a slow but consistent base will have better long-term implications than a rapid expansion. So, as much as you would love your business to explode, too much expansion in a short time frame is a bad thing.

Failure to Delegate

Small business owners tend to have a type. They are littered with people who want to do everything because they believe that they are the only ones who know how. Although it is fine to want to do things “the right way,” it is also a path to failure.

There are too many areas of the business that require attention. One person cannot handle all of that effectively. Learning to surround yourself with good employees and delegating to them is essential to the survival of any business.